Welcome to MyHerbalHealthSite.com. John Stone here and I would like to introduce myself and this site. Over the years I have been a strong supporter of a balanced approach to healthcare but more so a self engaged effort to understand my options when it comes to treatment. When I say balanced approach I mean that one shouldnít prescribe to a single and possibly narrow minded stance on medical care. To be truly balanced we must be equally in tune with Chiropractic Homeopathic Traditional Medicine and Herbal Medicine.

When I say self engaged I mean just that. Practitioners from all forms of medicine can be very zealous in their support of their favorite form of healthcare. But the truth is they all have merits. Itís your body and therefore I believe that it is up to you to determine the best form of care. Question everything. Make informed decisions and live a healthier life.


With a barrage of information out there this site attempts to bring you as much viable information about Herbal Remedies as is possible. While we admit that it is always in your best interest to seek sound medical advice MyHerbalHealthSite.com tries to educate the public to as many new treatments for the widest possible variety of conditions that we can keep up with. Not all treatments are going to work for all sufferers of the conditions listed on this site. Most people inflicted with these problems already know and understand this.


Because a lot of symptom relief does in fact come from experimentation as well as trial and error we simply try to bring as much information out in the open as possible so that people reading through our website can make their own best educated guess as to how to deal with their symptoms.


We may provide what are known as affiliate links to certain products to relieve the symptoms of the conditions listed. If such a link is in fact clicked on and subsequently purchased we may receive a commission from that purchase as long as all requirements for an honest purchase are made.


The articles found on this site may have been written by the product manufacturers supporters of the products purchased from other sources or written by the staff of MyHerbalHealthSite.com. Please take any information on this site as learningís and not the gospel truth. We have no way to verify all of the content nor do we warrant it to be factual. We do try to keep it that way we just canít guarantee it.


We certainly do not hide these facts but it is NOT the sole reason for the existence of this website.
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